1. Stacks?

    I ran DAA a month ago just for a month to how my body reacted to it and I loved it. Thinking Anabeta/ erase/ formula x? Or div1, titanium, and formula x? I've been lifting solid for about 7 years now and up till then I was on and off during college and high school playing football. I'm 5'11" 220lbs and handheld BF is 17% . I looking to run 8 weeks.
    I know there are a bunch of threads out there concerning this topic.

  2. Not a big fan of these huge stacks and wouldn't stack more than 2 similar products at once. Try Anabeta solo or Formula X + Erase.

  3. I'm closing in on the end of my stack of DAA, Tropinol, and Reversitol V2. Gained roughly 5 pounds and leaned out a bit too, really like the results I'm seeing

    I've heard great things about anabeta and formula x though
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