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    I bought a couple tubs during the Nutraplanet presale. I tried a heaping scoop the other day and didn't feel much. Yesterday I tried a scoop and a half and still not much. My heart rate was definitely elevated, but that was about it. I guess I will try 2 scoops next and see how it goes. Do I need to be drinking this on an empty stomach? I like to have a bar with some carbs in it pre-workout, so could that be altering absorption?
    How big are you?

    BTW I thought LG was just 10g BCAA prior to training?
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    From my experience so far, definitely. I'd try it out before you really need it to check how you react, but I've studied and even organized my workout on this stuff.
    I use it for work all the time.
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  3. I used to take Jack3d and was getting used to the stim. I took few weeks off stims then started Craze at 1 scoop. It is working great for me so far. I would rather cycle it than keep bumping te dose, but tat is a personal preference. I take it around 4:30-5:00 and I can sleep by 11:30-12:30. Working from home gives me the luxury to wake up whenever I like.



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