Aggressive Trimax Cycle

  1. Aggressive Trimax Cycle

    Anyone done an aggressive ramp up and hit 5-6 pills a day of trimax, my body type is endo/meso, and I have read that we need to go a lil higher on the dosage to start seeing results. Has anyone else gone with the higher dosages?

  2. No haven't read of anybody going that high..I'm starting it on Monday and I'm afraid to go higher than 2 caps. From everything I've read, this stuff is very catabolic and I'm trying to hold on to what muscle mass I have. I'd hate to see somebody's TSH levels after 5-6 pills from an extended period.

  3. Ramped up in about a week and a half to 3 caps and ran 3 for 15 days for a total of 30 day cycle. 198-185 in 4 weeks. 16mgs/d M-D and 1g/d of 1,4 boldione for 6 weeks, starting one week pre trimax and concluding 1 week post trimax.

    Quite honestly...3 was exhaustingly depleting but just what I needed. I would sharply ramp to 3 the next time, but run more than 3 most likely not.

    BTW...all LBM was retained using the above androgen cycle. Once I finally got off the trimax and was able to hold glycogen again, it seemed as though I may have even gained a couple lbs of LBM.

  4. Author L Rea recommends 1g per 50lbs body weight daily in CME, if over 200 one might need the extra...

  5. what about, after ramping down on trimax, running t3 at 15mcg for a week or two, to prevent any rebound?

  6. I only go up to 3 caps, I don't see the need for more. There may be a point of diminishing returns IMO.

  7. I'm a little over two weeks post trimax and 8 days into androgen rebound. But keep in mind I am just now eating my way back up to maintenance this week.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jarconis
    what about, after ramping down on trimax, running t3 at 15mcg for a week or two, to prevent any rebound?
    It's basically the same thing, you'll just rebound after the t3 while having shut down your thyroid even more. Your better off using clen or ECA to combat the rebound.


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