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    ive been on this stuff for about 2 weeks. Run a mile a day, and rest on weekends. I use it about only the days i work out and use 2 scoops. This does really help and you notice the difference. my muscles have gotten larger and more defined, and i am starting to get defined abs.
    I believe that is due to your physical activity.

    NO-Xplode is mostly caffeine + creatine. Stimulation is from "L-Tyrosine, Taurine, Endurlac (Glucuronolactone) L-Tyrosine AKG, Methylxanthines (Caffeine) ". Glycerol will cause water retention, and give you a pumped looked, Arginine makes your veins look bigger (vasodilation) . Citrulline Malate will help with endurance, although not sure of their dose.

  2. hehe, well it does help me last longer in my workouts. So i do give credit to N.o. Xplode.

    Edit: hey steve do you know any good back workouts and tricep? I am very limited to what I can do. I have free weights and a bench. lol
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