Stale creatine

  1. Stale creatine

    Does anyone know if it's still ok to use creatine even when it has a really stale/chemical smell from it? i ordered some optimum creatine from a website and it smelled very stale when i opened it. Usually it never smells. The only other time i smelled creatine like this is when i had one for several months, the texture of the powder changed and it smelled stale. The texture of this one seems fine. When the ups delivered it though, i notice everything i ordered was pretty hot since it was probably sitting in their truck for awhile. Let me know what ya'll think..

  2. bump

    I know most everyone here uses creatine. anybody had a similar problem with theirs or anyone w/ useful info?

  3. If it smells really foul you might want to send it back in exchange for another one. Check the exp. date on the label though to see if it expired. I have had creatine that had been sitting around for a while and had to dump it because it went bad. It definitely had a foul smell to it as creatine does degrade over time. Personally, I would exchange it just to be safe.

  4. I don't think I've ever had a creatine monohydrate that didn't have some sort of odor to it.

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