Anyone eat Brazil Nuts every day? for Selenium?

  1. Anyone eat Brazil Nuts every day? for Selenium?

    If so, how many you eat a day? I started a week ago with 3 a day, will I get what I want from eating 3?

  2. Curious to know as well. The nut form seems to be very bioavailable compared to most supplements. Would like to know how many others are taking as well. Each one is supposed to contain around 100mcg.

  3. Supposedly even just 1 per day will prevent you from being deficient in Selenium - I would just eat them as directed per serving size - I'm assuming this is a few nuts or around 1/4 cup. I actually use an old pre-workout jug and I fill it every month with raw nuts from Trader Joes. I'll pop in almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, pepitas, shelled pistachios you name it.

  4. Yes, 3 nuts is more than enough. In fact, 1 is enough and will still put you above 100% DV selenium.

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