Can you take too much Ghenerate?

  1. Can you take too much Ghenerate?

    Quick question - I have started a Natabolic Kit from LG Sciences.

    My Ghenerate pump has stopped working on day 2!

    Can I just swig it from the bottle in little sips? Or does it need to be accurately measured

  2. Not sure about overdosing dangers...I would think 'not', but that's my far as a substitute...a bottle of Ghenerate is 4 oz…or 118ml….divided by 120 (6 spray) servings = .98 ml per 6 sprays…

    …you could go snag an infant medicine dropper which usually has .5 ml, 1ml up to 2ml or so….shouldn’t be more than a few bucks at wal mart or Walgreens…

  3. Ya schizm nailed the dosage. You can get a 1ml oral syringe free from most pharmacies. Then dose to your specifications.Sorry to hear about the nozel breaking. Does happen once in a while when they sit around.

  4. What results are you expecting from ghenerate?

  5. Cool cheers guys I will pop down the local pharmacy and get me a 1ml dropper.

    As for results, I am using it with Natadrol as part of my winter bulk. Worked well for me last year - gonna up the dose to 8 Natadrol per day this year and run 2 extra bottles.

    Basic goal - get bigger, get stronger.

    More specific goals - I want a 400lb Deadlift that has been evading me so far!



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