running decca 200 mg with eq 300 mg and test 300mg

  1. running decca 200 mg with eq 300 mg and test 300mg

    Guys- 2 weeks into my cycle
    started running decca at 200 mg and EQ at 300 mg per week and upped the test to 300mg. Have experienced extreme nausea and thought I was going to hurl 12 hours after each eq/decca injection. Anyone have those side effects. Product is from a company called kingston pharmaceuticals out of the UK. I am a bit worried that this wanting to vomit is a sign I have bad product.
    So far after 2 weeks no real gains but am on a mild cycle. been doing test 250mg. for a year solid for HRT so I know my Test is good and legit.
    test levels are 850 and using anastrozole at .25 mg. twice per week I am keep E levels down to 14.
    Any opinions on the nausea and also is this a good low dose mild cycle as I dont want to get to crazy with this
    mild crash in sex drive so I am considering upping test to 450mg.. thoughts

  2. Shoulda posted in the anabolics section brahhh

  3. as mentioned wrong section..... you will get little advice

    So you were fine on 250mg a wk of T but once you brought in EQ/Deca things went south??

    IDK what to tell you really...the EQ/deca doses are very low and i am not sure why it causing you to get so sick post inj. I would drop them and go back to test alone. The issue with using two other compounds is you dont know which one is causing your problems. If it was just one compound it would ez to say what is causing your problem.

    IMO go backt to the 250mg T, than after a month or so use deca or eq at a low dose. slowly taper it up, see what happens.

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