3 weeks into dermacrine and a injury

  1. 3 weeks into dermacrine and a injury

    Hey guys just like the topic says i'm on week 3 of 4 pumps of dermacrine and 3 pumps 2x daily of cel formestane. everything was going good but the heavy training and I swear maybe the foremestane drying me up- my freakin golfers elbow came back with a vengance. Anyways, i worked through the pain the last two weeks and i've decided i have to cut back and freakin rehab this elbow or i'll never heal. Taking a full week off- then hit just the ellipitical for the next week and then after that, some movements that don't hurt. Anyways, should I quit the dermacrine immediately and do i need any short of B.S. PCT for just a mid 3 week run? Or do you think i'll recover? I have maybe 1/3 bottle of sustain alpha- should i use that a maybe half the dosage for a few weeks so i can stretch it out? BTW, I'm 36 with a lot of lifting experience but no so much with hormonals. Thanks guys!

  2. If you can't hit the weights then I would say stop the dermacrine and save it for another time. For 3 weeks of dermacrine you shouldn't need a pct. If you want to be ultra-safe then you could use the Sustain Alpha but use it at full dosage until it runs out.

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