Which DAA?

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    SNS DAA plus LCLT that's what I use.
    SNS DAA for the win! Wish we made some LCLT
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  2. it should be on the list of new products to bring out. Would make a good stack bundle for sure.

  3. To me daa is daa...doesn't matter as far as I know

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    It may be pricier, but if you have to buy a BCAA etc, you will save in the end tastes great too IMO
    Plus NAT don't come cheap either
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  5. quite a few votes for sns DAA,it certainly is high quality that is for sure! everyone who uses the caps OR powder loves it!!!
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  6. Formula-X all the way. It worked a little too well for this endurance athlete. With Titanium and D1 I put on 6-8 lbs this month without much change to my diet or training. I run, bike, and use resistance bands. I've been at 190-192 for years and now I'm at 198. And as a bonus I'm in a lot better mood.

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    Thanks - much appreciated!


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