Got some $ to burn.. Advice? Build muscle/lose fat

  1. Got some $ to burn.. Advice? Build muscle/lose fat

    Hey guys,
    Havent been here in awhile, last time I requested advice for some good non-ph supps the PES Erase/D-Aspartic Acid stack was recommended to me. I tried it and noticed little gains.
    So here I am again, im trying my hardest to stay in the light and not go the ph route.
    I go to the gym 5-6 days a week, dont eat the greatest... (If I see a pizza im goin for it) and I drink casually on the weekends. I know it's not the best diet/lifestyle but im 23 and still like to have a little fun. But I'm always active since I go to the gym and currently serving in the Marines.
    Im trying to get more serious and im in a plateau of sorts. I take the basics now: Protein, Multi, Jack3d/NO Xplode (whichever im not out of) and Dark Matter PWO.
    Im just looking for something that can aid in muscle gain and fat loss ( I got these Fu**ing puffy sore nipples from my first PH supp 3 years ago) So hopefully dropping BF will help them hide a bit more, Currently 15% BF.

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading, I know most recommendations will be from company reps trying to sell their product, but please no bunk stuff. Semper Fi

  2. Fix your diet honestly. You gotta cut down or give up drinking. Don't thinking morning pt is gonna do much, it's a basis ro build on a lot. Running and HIIT will help too

  3. First off, get some forma stanzol and begin with a high dose to try and shrink the lump in your nipple. Forma is OTC but potent, very very similar to aromasin. I think you should attack the gyno and see how small you can get it down to. The forma will also help cutting some fat off your body too, also it will dry you out.

    Now on to supps, as mentioned, you need to get your drinking and diet in check before anything big will happen with regards to your waist. Once your eating better and drinking beer less things will change in your favor.

    Im only 27, i still like to have fun too but I know if im drinking next friday i am busting my as$ in the gym the wk before. Taking liver supports and making sure i burn lots of cals before my night out to make up for all the empty BS cals i will take in. So start doing so more cardio, slowly drop the pizza for some chicken + green beans. Im not trying to tell you to get on a contest prep diet but make modest adjustments.

    With a few better eating choices each wk, 2-3x 25min cardio sessions each wk things will change for the better quickly. Than take a look at some supplements.

  4. Ill skip the lectures of the two previous gents, which although are well founded, are not really answering your question. The two products for me that have had the most affect to build muscle and loose fat are a two can run of Animal Test, and the two bottle run of Anabeta that I'm currently doing right now. Neither of these products are something to take lightly tho, and If i was doing either, esspecially the first, I would want to make a good run of it, clean up my diet to the right macros, and cut out or at least cut down on the drinking, while making sure that you try to recover well from it, (aka drinking a couple bottles of water/gatorade, along with a full meal (i usually grab a 12" sub, shouldn't be an issue to eat when your drunk haha, BEFORE you go to sleep, so you have something other then booze in your stomach)

    Thats just my 0.02$ Also the first run, isn't cheap at all. The best price you could find for it is like 85$ a can, too much for some, but I ran it and that **** was crazy. Anabeta is good as well, just in a different way. There are also other test boosters out there that don't have AA in them, might want to look around if that bothers you.

  5. If you are looking to build muscle and loose fat, utilize diet as the most important aspect. Something like anabolic pump, a solid nutrient partitioner will help force feed your muscle cells with the amino acids and carbs they need to grow, shuttling nutrients away from fat cells. Stack that with a low dose of TT33, a non-stim metabolic enhancer designed to work on your thyroid to increase your metabolic rate. With those two, if you diet is decent, fat gain shouldn't be an issue, fat loss should occur, and you can easily up your calories at the same time to build true muscle.

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