check my order please/critique

  1. check my order please/critique

    x2 heat stack
    x1 man scorch
    x1 300 grams micronized creatine

    was thinking of slim fx but wasnt sure of it yet, choosing man scorch because its proven and heat stack is phenomenal

  2. Thumbs up. Imo acquire ephedrine and run it alongside scorch, then switch to heat stack. Makes for a nice 2 month run and u can save the second heat for later use.

  3. agree with mr.c, i hope you didn't plan to run the heat stack and scorch together.
    unless you were using 1 serving scorch in the am and 1 serving heat in the pm or vice versa
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  4. For sure a great stack.... add in some Hemavol and youre all set

  5. I'd trade out the scorch and just get 3 heat stack.

  6. I love the Heat Stack very effective product for sure. Never tried MAN's Scorch so can't say either way but they have a good reputation for making good products.

  7. Looks good to me! I agree with the ephedrine though!

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  8. If you have trouble keeping a good diet and get cravings slim fx will destroy your hunger (like it did mine in beta testing). good stuff put off my hunger for quiet a while and gave energy. but the hunger control IMO was the most impressive of this product (which isnt a bad thing)
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