Creatinol o phophate dosage and uses

  1. Creatinol o phophate dosage and uses

    So i just bought some bulk powder of this and have a few questions on how to most efficiently use it.

    can it be taken in addition to creatine?

    the suggested dosage is 2 grams, but i have read 3-6 is better, any advice?

    does it need to be taken every day, or can benefits be seen if it was only taken pre/post workout?

    will taking it with carbs do anything beneficial?

    does it need to be cycled like monohydrate?

    Thanks for the help

  2. I have been giving this stuff a look also but dont no much about it, hopefully in for answers/feedback

  3. Talk to Patrick Arnold as he has brought out his own Creatinol-O-Phosphate product and check his blog as he has an article about it.

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