Prostate health

  1. Prostate health

    What supps do u guys like?

  2. Saw palmetto, Pygeum, and Stinging Nettle are all good for prostate health
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  3. Saw Palmetto works good for me

  4. Yeah I'd go with Saw Palmetto too!

  5. Anyone have a particular supplement/brand they like?

  6. I use saw palmetto daily, love it.

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  7. Yeah is their any brand that u prefer?

  8. Used Saw Palmetto 10 years ago but switched to Beta- Sitosterol. I also use Stinging Nettle and lots of Vitamin D3, Selenium, Milk Thistle and Green Tea Extract. My results are good enough, predictable enough, that despite decades of a PSA (that useless test data) that stays between 6 and 10, my VA Docs and Uro are very happy with me on the Test Cyp they send me every month.
    Here is a good, concise comparison of Beta-Sitosterol and Saw Palmetto. I have to say the Europeans, (I lived in Germany and Holland at that time) were already miles ahead of us 10 years ago.
    Beta-Sitosterol versus Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health
    Beta Sitosterol vs. Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health
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  9. Dutchman, thank you for an eye-opening link! I never knew that! I take beta sitosterol for cardio health, never knew it had other benefits. I am really glad I've been supplementing with it.

  10. Forum - SHBG's Prostate Cancer Ties

    "With regard to SHBG, there was a strong association between higher levels and a positive cancer diagnosis. The exact nature of this relationship is unclear. It could mean many things, such as an active role of SHBG in disease, a preventative role of free testosterone; or even an effect rather than cause."

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