Anti-Estogens for non-androgen users.

  1. Anti-Estogens for non-androgen users.

    This might be a silly question, but i feel that i have a higher than normal estrogen output. which is okay, because i can still gain muscle well and don't lose muscle very easily, even when i stop training. But, obviously i softer than i should be most of the time. My question is could i do a cycle of nolvadex or 6-oxo, or another potent anti-e as a standalone cycle, not as part of PCT or anything, to help me reduce water and get denser, what would be the likely consequences/side effects and would it be effective at all, and if so would it be only short term or would i be able to see long term results.
    also, would this make me less receptive to anti-e's in the future, when i really need them, like after a real PH cylce.

    also, can someone refer to an up-to-date reference on anti-estrogens that include other lesser known anti-e's like arimidex.

    also why is nolva considered the gold standard of anti-e's?

  2. This might answer some of your questions:-

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Redspy
    This might answer some of your questions:-
    perfect man. thanks a lot!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Redspy
    This might answer some of your questions:-
    is it just me, or does this link not work anymore?

    anyone know whats up?

  5. Well, its not just you because it doesn't work for me either...

  6. does anyone know what is happening to, has it moved to a different URL?

  7. From what I heard, Basskiller did not actually own the domain name, so he lost control of the website. He is currently in the process of buying the domain back, however, so it should be back up soon.


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