Niacin flush

  1. Niacin flush

    1) Can you still get the flush with slow release niacin?
    2) If I am not getting it at 500mg of SRniacin...should i move up to 1000mg?
    3) Is the flush neccessary to know that it is working adequately? Should getting the flush be your "goal" with niacin supplementation?

  2. 1. Possible
    2. Taper your dosage

    • Week 1 -- 250 mg twice daily
    • Weeks 2 through 5 -- 500 mg twice daily
    • Weeks 6 through 9 -- 750 mg twice daily
    • Weeks 10 and beyond -- 1000 mg twice daily

    3. No


  3. ive heard that there is a form that doesn't cause a flush, but i have to research and see, but just throwing that out there
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  4. The flush free serve no purpose in lipid support.

    Niacin exists in three forms that are available either as supplements or drugs.

    They are nicotinic acid (or just niacin), nicotinamide and inositol hexaniacinate (which is the chemist’s way of describing a chemical composed of one molecule with six niacin molecules stuck to it). This last one is also referred to as ‘flush-free’ niacin.

    Of these three forms, niacinamide is the form in which the drug is active as a co-enzyme; the other two have to be broken down into niacinamide before they can be used by the body.

    Nicotinic acid is the only form that helps reduces cholesterol.

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