New Chapter whole food multi versus Xtend-life Total Balance premium for men

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    New Chapter whole food multi versus Xtend-life Total Balance premium for men

    Anyone have any comment comparing the two whole food multivitamins or if you feel there is one that is better?


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    Well let's see, New Chapter is roughly 30 bucks for 24 days. The additives are underdosed from my quick glance, and i'm not going to spend the time to research their sourcing.

    As for the other one, i have no idea not finding it.

    I'd go with something trusted like Orange Triad or Anavite. Those have proven sourcing and great bioavailability. Plus Orange Triad gives joint support, immune support and digestive support. Anavite offers daily Beta Alanine and LCLT which is awesome. Orange Triad is 24 bucks for 45 days worth of a full dose. Anavite is 21 or 22 for 30 days at a full dose. These 2 are much better options in my opinion.

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