will transderm or form help

  1. will transderm or form help

    im 56 my test is 757 just from supplements, free is 13.1 range 7.2-24.0 i have no viagra problem just no mental desire, will trans or formastanzol help in this area.

  2. If you're looking for a libido boost, and your test is already that high, I'd go with something like HCGenerate with the Fadogia, LongJack, Tribulus, and Fenugreek you'll be ready to go. Transaderm and Forma would both help, but I think HCGenerate would really shine. It'd also help free up your already high levels of total serum test.
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  3. WOW. There are A LOT of 56 year olds who would kill for those numbers. hell, there are a lot of 26 year olds who would kill for them.

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