Protein shakes that taste more like juice than a shake?

  1. Protein shakes that taste more like juice than a shake?

    I just started taking xtend for my racquetball training and I love how it tastes, tastes just like like lemonade...I take 3 scoops as recommended by someone here and I add my creatine to it and it tastes amazing.

    Is there a protein out there that tastes more like a juice than a thick shake???


  2. There used to be quite a few, but I haven't seen many lately. They're mainly going to be whey isolate.
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  3. NTBM muscle replenisher lemonade. It reminds me of lemon dessert bars

  4. I will definitely take a look into that, is it thick? I use regular polar springs water bottles and keep refilling them.

    Have problems getting anything that is thick down(that is why I like xtend so much)

    I tried protein shots but they did a number on my stomach.

    Looking for something I can easily take to my racquetball tournaments and make quickly!


  5. Not sure if they exist anymore, but I loved Syntrax Nectar and Scivation Substance WPI...

  6. I don't think it is very thick, I also mix mine with water. This would be great for your racquet ball tournys. It has carbs and creatine as well

  7. Do you know of anywhere that I can get a sample to try? would hate to spend $50 or so with shipping and not like it...I checked nutra planet and they didnt have any.

    Guessing that GNC does not carry this? I know they carry samples of a lot of their powders.


  8. i think syntrax nectar is still around if you dig, and I know the company still sells direct. IDS had New Whey in powdered form, which was in fruit flavors. Not sure what else is still out there that fits what what you're looking for
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  9. Syntrax and 4Everfit both make some really good fruit juice type protein drinks.

    I know that there are several sites that specialize in Bariatric stuff that have sample protein packs that you can purchase.

  10. muscle replenisher is a nice change to a juice type post workout drink, it has carbs, creatine and protein you need and it's nice after your dieing of sweat and don't want to slam down a thick chocolate shake

    humapro is also marketed as a protein product and from what i hear the powder form tastes very good as a light jucie flavored drink, no creatine in this product though
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