ephedrine HCL question

  1. ephedrine HCL question

    from your own experiance, how many mg per day of ephedrine HCl do you need to take in order to see its fat-burning properties. also, include how much you weighed.

    i currently take 25mg a day only as a preworkout aid, but have not seen any fat burning effects from it.

  2. How long have you been taking it? How is your diet? How often are you training?

    Some important questions to get an accurate answer...

  3. have you considered stacking it with some caffeine and aspirin? the ECA stack works amazing.

    start out with 25mg of E/200mg of C/300mg of A. if that works good with little sides, trying upping.

    also, its best to cycle ECA. 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, then 2 on again. your body quickly adapts to the doses, so cycling is needed.

  4. The general consensus on safely taking ephedrine is no more than 25 mg/dose and no more than 100 mg/day...this is just a general rule of thumb, and individual tolerances will vary.

  5. Yes, the ECA stack is effective...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Yes, the ECA stack is effective...
    i'm sorry dude, but did you even read my post? i didn't ask if it was effective, i asked at what dosages?

    if from people's experiances 100-200mg of ephedrine is needed in a day to see significant fatloss, then its not worth it for me.

    i weigh 200lbs.

  7. porkchop is right on, start out with 25mg Eph and 200mg Caff 2x daily. Works good for me when I do it, but I RARELY use it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by cr4ytonic
    porkchop is right on, start out with 25mg Eph and 200mg Caff 2x daily. Works good for me when I do it, but I RARELY use it.
    you actually see appreciable fatloss from only 25mg a day?

    this fitness chick that works at the vitamine shoppe told me she had to take 100mg a day to see real fat-burning effects, and she probably weighed 120. I couldn't take that much.

  9. 2x daily, that is 50mg E a day. I don't like heavy supplementation for fat loss.

    Yeah I do, if you eat smart and do some HIIT cardio like jump-rope it is just the ticket - for me at least. Works whenever I need to drop an inch or so off my waste to keep the pants fitting.

    these are SUPPLEMENTS to your diet and training, you have to loose the fat on your own, E and C just help a bit.


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