Anti-Estrogens for pre-contest?

  1. Anti-Estrogens for pre-contest?

    I was thinking about how everyone was saying potent androgens like Winny, 5AA cyp, Proviron, etc. are all very effetcive "hardening agents" because of their effect on lowering estrogen considerably. For this reason they are commonly used in prec-ontest prep. I was thinking if using another form of antiestrogen might be almost as effective for this purpose. For example, if one were to use Letro or Arimidex would it have this effect on them? Afterall with less estrogen comes less fat and much less water.

    Anyone have any comments on this? It would be cool if it does work because then it would make cycle timing a lot easier and you don't have to worry about suppression and doing PCT after the contest.


  2. Just like to add, I understand the dangers of lowering estrogen for too long. It has a potentially dangerous effect on the heart and liver most especially due to lipid profile changes.

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