OEP and Female libido

  1. Lightbulb OEP and Female libido

    Hi everyone. This is a serious question.

    I recently recommended OEP to my new gf, and we both take it every day. She does 2 at most a day, in divided doses, and I do 3, a day in total.
    For the past week I have stopped OEP (its a great product, dont get me wrong! It really perks us up in the mornings too), because of the 1,3 vasoconstrictor effects on the male organ.
    (I have noticed that OEP has boosted my libido, but wonder about the constrictor effects and wanted to take a break to see. I take other things with horny goat weed that i'd like to think compensates for that, but am just curious if it gets better when off OEP. .
    So I've been taking Caffeine pills in the morning instead so its an easy taper.

    Anyways, that male perspective aside, I told my gf that could also experience a mental increase in libido after taking this pill. She can't say she has.
    While we have a healthy sex life in that department, and the urge to be close physically and intimately, I am wondering to hear from some open females in this forum, if they feel physically that the 1,3 in OEP, also causes vasoconstriction and compromises their ability to reach orgasm as a girl, vs from before?

    Thank you! I really appreciate hearing from you before I tell her to stop taking OEP for a while and us trying a quicker cycle.


  2. Thanks Bro. I hear you.

    I wanted to bump, and was also wondering if their are any female libido enhancers. Doesn't hurt right? I find OEP does it for me, among others. Wondering if the same stuff for men works for women?

  3. Thank you. Much appreciated.



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