_____________BUNK or CRUNK ????________

  1. _____________BUNK or CRUNK ????________

    What is the best fast gaining, huge pump, plateau topper, mind blowing stack ????

  2. Good diet + properly thought out training + sleep.

  3. Been doing that for years! Its fuuny i keep getting bigger gained 30 over the last year of solid muscle pretty much. Yet i feel no bigger just stronger. but even now im kinda plateaued for the last 4 months! trying a new stack next week, but still keeping my ear to the wind for other stuff.
    Its my first time doing anythying but food, protien shakes, and sleep! hope AMS Mass Stack works out tho!

  4. Creative mono, glycerol and carbs
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  5. well you definitely arent starting with the soft stuff like creatine, BCAA, carbs, and natty test boosters are ya

    the stack is strong,

    if you decide to go natural route id say tropinol D-aspartic acid-erase-bcaa-creapure creatine....
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