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Hey JayHawk.. yea the tape test is TRUE GARBAGE!!! But,,, what can we do right LOL

but ROBINKUWAIT,,,, you brought up point about PH's yeah i did a 1-AD / 4-AD cycle and i felt that i did kinda slim down but i also got pretty big ) !!
what stack did you use ??

and NOOOOO,,,, no MOUT training in BK lol

A good cutting I used was:

MD- (1-8) 10mg ED
4ad-(1-4) 400mg ED
M5aa-(5-8) went from 20 to 80 ED...I liked 80

I made sure I had a high protein, moderate carbs and fat intake and ate extremely clean, plus cardio about 3 times a week. I ended up losing about 15 pounds and went from about 13ish%BF to sub-10. You have to remember tho, the anabolics don't really do the work, they just keep your strength and intensity up while youre on a reduced calorie diet. Next time I cut, I'll probably do this:

M4OHN (1-8) 120-160 ED
M5AA (5-8) 80 ED

Hope this helps, good luck.