Bromo and Nolva

  1. Bromo and Nolva

    Anyone familiar with a site that carries both Bromocriptine and Nolvadex? Can't seem to find one. Thanks guys


  2. Custom, one of the board sponsors, carries nolva but not bromo.

  3. Bromo is expensive and over rated IMO. If you are concerned with libido, I'd suggest looking into HCG and maybe some Cialis.

  4. I got some thru IAS (internat. Antiaging Systems, I think) you can find them thru google. They ship from Europe so it might be seized by US Customs, if they have a hair up their ass.

    try this:

    I don't think any of the sponsors carry this, so I hope I'm not doing a bad thing by posting this...

  5. That is the only place I've seen that carries it.

  6. Yeah I did know of IAS already. They carry bromo but no nolva. I was trying to find a site that has both so I can save on the shipping. Thanks anyway guys



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