Betancourt nutrtion

  1. Betancourt nutrtion

    Anybody an avid user ?


  2. I agree. Ya samples would be nice .

  3. I got a bunch of samples from them a while back. Gave them away though since they were all loaded with stimulants.

  4. have only used Big Blend (protein blend) (samples of all flavors & a 2lb tub of Vanilla cap.), great stuff! a wee bit pricey for me, but good taste/texture...and agree they have some very helpful/knowledgeable reps...

  5. Ya I have heard good things . I wanna try there bullnox way bad! Were do I go to find there reps ?

  6. ripped juice is a good fat burner. Have tried a few samples over the past year or so. definitely solid reps, stand up guys.


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