11 week AX / Tria / LX cycle

  1. 11 week AX / Tria / LX cycle


    New to the forum and 1st post

    I ran a AX / Tria 4 week cycle 6 months ago with great results and want to do another.

    I left it a week late and now only have 11 weeks until I go on holiday and want to run a long cycle of A/X / Tria / LX

    I have seen thr chart for a 12 week cycle but rather than miss out on the last week, I was thinking of the following split;

    wk 1 AX
    wk 2 Ax Tria
    wk 3 Ax Tria
    wk 4 AX tria
    Wk 5 Tria
    Wk 6 -
    wk 7 Ax
    Wk 8 Ax tria LX
    Wk 9 Ax tria LX
    Wk 10 Ax tria LX
    wk 11 tria LX

    What do you think?


  2. Why are you taking a week off in the middle? Seems to defeat the purpose of slow, steady gains throughout a longer period of time.

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  3. I just addapted this from the '12 week DS stack' which had a bit of an overlap

    I'm open to suggestions though of how to overcome this - last time round I ran a 4 week cycle together rather than staggered with great results

    Would I be better doing 2 x 4 week cycles of AX/Tri together with a 3 week gap in between?

  4. I would use Activate Xtreme and Triazole together for the first four weeks, take 2 weeks off and then do the latter part of the cycle as you suggest.
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  5. Could xfactor be added into the stack for final four weeks? Will it stack with ax/tri/lx ok or is it risky?



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