DAA,Free Test,erase dosing?

  1. DAA,Free Test,erase dosing?

    Hey everyone just a simple question for you all on how I should dose/scheme the supplements mentioned in the thread title. Now that I think about it I know to dose DAA 3 grams a day just thought I would mention it since I plan to use it but any advice dosing the others?

  2. If you are going to use both Erase and FreeTest at the same time like me, I suggest you start off with 2 caps of Free Test in the am and 2 caps of Erase in the pm or post training. I myself use 4 caps of Freetest and 2-4 caps of Erase depending on how I feel.
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  3. do not take Free Test and Erase at the same time. i am sure you can take half the dosage of Free Test and half the dosage of Erase and be fine, but you would not see the benefits from a full dose of one or the other, since Free Test contains other ingredients that benefit test boosting/cort control. it would benefit you if you used one or the other then saved the one you did not use for your next stack. cant go wrong with choosing one or the other, but if you have both, IMO, just take one for now.
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  4. Ah I see now, wouldn't want to be redundant, I guess ill just use the Free Test for now and save the Erase for later. Thanks again for the advice.

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