EP t3 dosing

  1. EP t3 dosing

    Hey guys, been lurking for a while, but finally started an account to post and get more involved.

    I've been lifting for more than 10 years, physically fit, but got the last 10 pounds that I can't lose for the life of me.

    I want to get into single digits.

    5'6 165lbs about 14% bodyfat.

    Recently purchased EP t3. its labeled 100mcg x 30ml.

    Anyone know if that means its got 100mcg per 1 ml for a total of 30ml per bottle?

    Sorry if this is an obvious question, just not sure. thanks


  2. For one this isnt a supplement, its a research chemical, so wrong section. For two yes thats 100mcg per ML, so if you wanted 50mcg itd be half a ML.
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