Usnic and ALA

  1. Usnic and ALA

    If I was to do a cycle (or a couple of cycles, doesn't matter) of usnic acid, I'd choose my "extra" as ALA, among other things (Vit. C, etc.). My question is, though, that given that R-ALA is more effective than ALA, at least concerning insulin-mimicking, is it an equally more effective antioxidant? Assuming that R-ALA is something like 3 times more effective (I say that because the dosage of R-ALA compared to that of ALA is usually a least from what I've read), if it were beneficial to take X amount of ALA a day while on a UA cycle, could I take 1/3X amount of R-ALA?

  2. General rule of thumb that really means nothing... 3:1 ratio of ALA/r-ALA. I prefer to use 2:1 though.

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