Green Tea: Pills vs. Tea Bags

  1. Green Tea: Pills vs. Tea Bags

    How much more potent are the caps of Green Tea vs. grocery store bought tea bags?
    I drink the tea bags in water constantly.
    Did a search, couldn't track down any info.
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  2. It should say on the tub. |The ones at my local store are equivalent to 4 cups of actual tea.

    I use the tea anyway though, as I like the taste.

  3. BAC as well as other herb suppliers sell several potencies of green tea. They sell bulk tea leaves by the pound, concentrated tea extracts and super duper concentrated tea extract which are like 90% pure ECGC's.

    I've tried the latter 90% stuff and it rocked my world. You only need tiny amounts 10 mgs or so, several times a day to produce a nice thermo feeling. At higher doses it had me wired and my libido go away.

  4. try for CHEAP bulk.

  5. I use the NOW brand of Green Tea Extract and from what I can tell, it works fairly well. I think with the way the capsules are dosed, my brand would be a bit weaker than Meathead1987 was taking about(I could be wrong though). Also, I too made the mistake that Bioman made and upped the dosage a bit, not too much fun because it gave me a bit of a headache and put me in a bad mood.



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