Best androgen to offset TRI-MAX muscle catabolism

  1. Best androgen to offset TRI-MAX muscle catabolism

    After buying every supp in the world for the last year or so, I've decided that I want to give Tri-max a try. I've heard different results about it, but some report muscle/strength loss, something I'd like to avoid if at all possible.

    Was wondering what would be a good androgen to use. I'm not looking to gain mass, just something to keep what I got and maybe harden me up ( that doesn't sound right). I'm considering using M5 or even M1T at like 5 mgs per day. What do you guys think? BTW..carbs will not be low. Lots of healthy, green veggies! My stomach doesn't do well when I lower carbs and from what I understand, Tri-max and the toilet are friends.

  2. IMO I don't think m5aa is strong enough...but thats just my opinion.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Manu20
    IMO I don't think m5aa is strong enough...but thats just my opinion.

    I'm not talking about at 20 mgs..I was thinking more like 100-120. I've read some good things about M5AA at the right dose. BigPete, where are ya?

  4. I've never tried it at that high a aroudn 50mg..which I tried...I would definitely say its not enough.

  5. I have used it with test cyp and winny, that worked wonderfully I also did a cycle of it with no androgens and low training....not smart, lol

    For legal AS, I'd say: M1T @ 10-20mg/4-AD dermal stack or maybe high dose M4OHN. Believe me you will want some strong androgens to get the best out of Tri-max (which is damn good IMHO).

    For anything goes: test/EQ/winny or test/tren

  6. M1T is your best bet, for sure. Right now I'm using M4OHN and M5AA with Tri-max, then I'll add in M1T when the Tri-max is over to regain (and then some) whatever I lost, while not picking up fat. I've done this protocol before (with M-Dien instead of M4OHN) and I was very pleased with the overall turnout. M5AA with M4OHN is really awesome for hardening/vascularity, I highly reccommend the combo . And my labs while on both of these don't come anywhere close to approaching how they look on M1T.

  7. I just finished running m5aa at 100 mgs, and never went past one pill of Customs tri-max. I started the m5aa two weeks prior, and ran the tri-max for three weeks after for a total of five weeks. The first two weeks I noticed a nice hardening up from the m5aa, but when I started the tri-max I started dropping bodyweight like crazy. The m5aa let me hold some of my strength, but muscle loss was very evident. I was happy with what I accomplished from the cycle, a net gain loss of 10 pounds about 3 pounds muscle, and 7 fat.


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