16 years old, and need help concerning test boosters

  1. 16 years old, and need help concerning test boosters

    Hey guys,i'm 16 years old, and had a few questions about testosterone boosters. I've looked it up alot, and saw that everyone said do not take them because our testosterone is already very high, which i'm aware of. I did not realize this until now, i've been on them for say.. 6 months maybe, cycling them that is. If i stop, will it turn to estrogen? Even when i cycle it, when i get off it feels like im not as big. What should I do? Also, I was wondering, can it harm me bad? I'm just worried if I get off them I will feel alot weaker and smaller.

  2. You just need to stop ASAP! You're probably at the peak of your test days so no need to add anything more. And what were you thinking at 16?!

  3. LOL ... I really don't think 90% of the "Test Boosters" on the market have anything more than a placebo effect.

    I think you're going to be fine, in fact, I'm 100% sure you will be.

    Steroids is one thing ... Tribulus, quite a trivial ... other.

    Your body can function just fine anywhere along a broad range of testosterone levels. If you're already at the top of the limit - it's doubtful any OTC Test Booster is going to put you that much more significantly over it.

    And besides, is it really that much better for a 50 year old man to take test boosters if his testosterone is already as high as a teenager's? I don't think it is. I take test boosters all the time and my last hormone panel showed 950 total test / 35 free -- well OVER the established "limits". I'm fine - not the slightest hint of boobs on me. LOL

    You will be fine.

  4. At your age you shouldn't need or be taking a testosterone booster. You should be doing a lot of eating, lifting, and sleeping.

  5. your fine. i took mdrol at 17 and im ok. test boosters are alot better for you than a PH. just stop what your taking. what test boosters have u been taking specifically?
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  6. Bro you don't need a test booster at 16. You don't need any supplements at 16.

    Look up Madcow's 5x5. Do that program, eat a lot of of clean food with plenty of protein, get good sleep and you'll grow like a weed bro.
    Cutting all summer, cycle in September

  7. Do you nuts a favor and stay off the test and focus on eating more fats. Directly linked to your hormone production. P.S. stay away from milk, its for babies and it makes you soft

  8. Thanks guys. I've been on a diet. I'm only 155 pounds, and im pressing max rep for benching at about 240, barbell curling 140, squat 305 and deadlifting 290 or so. I'm pretty lean, but would love to be bigger. And uh, I first starting taking Zeus from fusion bodybuilding. Just got through a bottle of Axis from BSN. Taking whey protein,cell mass, Xtend,No-Xplode. Just don't want to feel alot weaker when I get off the test booster.

  9. You don't need bloodwork. Everyone on here thinks they're a doctor and exaggerate everything.

    Just hault the supplement.

    You're perfectly fine lol

  10. Like everyone else has already said, stay clear of the supps until you're at least 20.

  11. STOP! You are really going to hurt yourself at 16. Your body hasn't stopped growing yet.

  12. at first i was like oh man, but as i read the rest of the thread looks like you were only taking products to help elevate on endogenous path way. There's no need for a pct for those they are often used as pct. Blood work might be a good idea, you'll just know where you're at.

  13. I took andro when i was 17, not knowing a damn thing.

    i am still alive.

    Nevertheless, its not good to take these things under 21. I would advise 23-26 starting age....

  14. at your age the TB is doing nothing other than burning a hole in someone's pocket. Stick with Eating right/Sleep/a good multi and a quality isolate whey product and you'll be good to go.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Hcc5881 View Post
    To all those telling him that he is too young, i think he already knows that. that is why he started this post. now he is asking what to do. LOL.
    good point. +

    To the OP

    No fear of gyno or anything of that nature just stop taking them. Chances are anything you think you got from them is just a placebo affect anyhow. It is your hard work giving you the gains (assuming your seeing them).

  16. Hopefully you got the idea to stop because your body is producing so much right now and you don't wanna shut it down for tyour future! you don't wanna ruin and special nights with ur future ladies. Stick to a protein and amino riched diet and you should be fine, nothing else. If your friends are using the stuff, just look at them in 5 years and they're bodies we'll be all messed up.

  17. The issue is: there is no reason to start using a crutch at 17 when your legs work fine and aren't maxed out. At least come CLOSE to maxing out potential before you think about using any sort of natty booster or steroid. Fukin kids these days.

  18. every kid is always looking for the easy way out. So many hs kids are already using roids. Its sad but they should start drug testing in HS sports now a days.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by stonhous35 View Post
    every kid is always looking for the easy way out. So many hs kids are already using roids. Its sad but they should start drug testing in HS sports now a days.
    They do in the lands where HS football is king.

  20. dind't know that, NY it's not king


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