OEP nausea and dizziness

  1. OEP nausea and dizziness

    I just started using OEP last week and when i bumped up to 2 pills mornings, after about 3-4 days. I started feeling very ill. This has never happened before with other fat burners ive used.

    At this point i lowered the dose to 1 again yesterday, after a few days OFF of it. And i can still feel that nausea, ive tried et 30 min after a dose to 1 hour. And either way the dizziness will not subside for hours if not till next day.

    I am looking for an alternative now. I have tried the liquid clenbutrx in the past which was pretty strong, appears its been reformulated now without M-TTA. Although i know the "best fatburner" horse has been beated to death. perhaps some may have a unfamiliar recommendation?

  2. I usually wound up with that nausea feeling from OEP if I workout to close after having taken it...I wonder if you shorted the time between dosing it and a meal to about 15 mins....OR if you dosed it about an hour after eating, if either would make a difference...?
    or are you just looking for an alternative to OEP altogether...?

    edit: ok, strong reading skills, D'oh! ...I reread and see you are looking for an alternative altogther....

  3. i feel i have exhausted any potential out of it if its making me so sick. and i mean, im sick for the whole day too.

    AT THIS TIME, i am looking for something else. doesnt seem like THAT MANY people are getting sick from it, and i need something else soon.

  4. understandable, I couldn't ever take more than 1 cap of OEP a day, myself....so, you're wanting a more stimmed fat burner...or no preference? Alpha T-2 (IMO) would be the next suitable replacement for OEP...not nearly as stimmed & has the alpha yohimbe to target stomach/lower back/chest fat...and if inclined could stack with our (SNS) TTA-500 (since you mentioned that you liked that in the clenbutrx)

  5. i have some of iforce tt-33 already. I was hoping for perhaps a wider spectrum of recommendations, since OEP, ALPHA-T2 are relatively main contenders on most boards.

    any good formulas you heard of out there??



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