How stims work?

  1. How stims work?

    I know that caffeine works, because after some minutes i take it, i feel energy and i don't want to sleep! But what about other stims, like geranium and yohimbine? What do they work and why i can't feel them?

    I take alpha t2 these days, but i can't see any energy. Sometimes i take 200mg caffeine also.

  2. If you have taken significant amounts of STIMS for a prolonged period of time, Your body could be experiencing "adrenal fatigue." Basically your body is used to all the STIMS your taking and your not getting an effect from the anymore. Your receptors have to "clean" theiself out, which is basically done by laying off all the STIMS for a little while. Then after some time when you try them again, they will work like they used to.

  3. If i take 400mg of caffeine, i will notice the effects, even if i got used to it! But waht about geranium and yohimbine? What they supposed to do? Do they give you energy and how?

  4. Well, amphetamines work off of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. My guess is thats how 1,3 (geranium) works too.

    I googled Yohimbine and it says "It binds to the Adenosine A2 and blocks Norepinephrine (and other A2 agonist INCLUDING ESTROGEN) from binding to and agonizing it (which inhibits the release of fatty acids)- thus it allows for fatty acids to be "burned" and thus stubborn fat to be lost."

    Can you tell me how caffeine works? All stims alter brain chemistry in certain ways, producing energy. Some "downer" drugs, stimulate dopamine and will cause a "stimulant" effect as well.

  5. I mean, how can i feel the yohimbine and geranium? I can't feel them!

    On the other side, i can feel caffeine. Jitters, Insomnia etc..

  6. Is it a possibility you have built up a tolerance?
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