Was wondering what kind of dosage you people use on this stuff?. My bottle says to take only 1 per day. I have been taking 3 caps total, spread about 2-3 hours apart each dose. There are 8 different ingredients and 375 mg per cap, so that works out to about 41mg of each substance if everything was equal. Of course all the ingredients aren't exactly equal, but I wouldn't think 1 cap would do anything at all....I had two bottle and the first bottle I did take 1 cap a day, and at the very end, around the last week of the first bottle I started taking 2 a day. Now with the start of the second bottle I am taking 3 as I described above. What do you people think?

  2. When I took it I took 3 caps a day w/25mg ephedrine hcl.

  3. I have the latest version though. I am pretty sure they keep changing it. Well thats what I read on the internet anyway.

  4. Ya I used the first version and haven't used it since they changed it.

  5. You can assume each cap is roughly 200mg caffeine, 5-6mg yohimbine HCL, plus the other ingredients...2-3 caps is normal for me



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