anyone still using sesathin?

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  1. Also seen Par post that he changed his mind about halving the dosage of fish oil on the AL board.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by dsade
    The caps were completed a couple of weeks ago - we were just waiting on labels. Par said that the beta of Sesathin Gelcaps should be released within 2 weeks.
    thats awesome news cuz the taste of sesathin is making me almost not want to take it

  3. I seemed to have great results with my first 3 bottles of Sesathin... it was the most successful cutting cycle of my life. But when I ran out I used my new bottles which had different tops and an oral syringe, the Sesathin tasted different too, instead of nutty, kind of uh, just gross. My fat loss stopped too. I don't know if the oil went rancid or what... but the results certainly stopped with that batch. It tasted like that from the day I got it.



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