creatine+beta alanine

  1. creatine+beta alanine

    1 dose of green mag + 5 g beta alanine daily! even better strength increase?

  2. The BA will increase endurance.

  3. BA and creatine is a great stack.

  4. Great stack.
    Thats the reason why two of CL products contain a good dose of Beta Alanine (white flood, purple wraath). It enhances the other compounds, creating a synergy.

    Taking bulk beta alanine would enhance Green Mags effectiveness and powerful on its own.

    Ive heard it say BA is the new generation creatine.

    So green mag+ BA would be an AMAZING stack. Please post results!

  5. as posted above, should be good man! I don't think you'll want to go much higher than the 5g of, was reading online the other day that dosing of 6g/day didn't show any noticable difference in effect at over what 4-5g/day you're set!

  6. Creatine + Beta-Alanine of course is a great stack.

    I also agree with Schizm on dosing 4-5g.
    I'm Back...

  7. for me BA has to be 3.5g's + for it to do or feel anything.

    Currently using creatine nitrate, 3.5g BA, need2slin. Never had a pump as good as these. fa king sick


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