Super plasma protein - capping it?

  1. Super plasma protein - capping it?

    Has anyone tried SPP? Did you notice any difference in recovery etc? The taste is supposed to be the downside, so I was considering capping it so I can pop a few caps every few hours. Your thoughts?

  2. capping might not be a bad idea but from what ive seen how its used, guys put a teaspoon or 2 into their shakes. Increased immunity is what I believe is observed the most with this. I know you could probably easily get away with adding this to MAP as it's flavoring is pretty strong. MAP uses freeze dried fruit for its flavoring btw.
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  3. SPP tastes fine, I mixed mine with muscle milk chocolate or used pineapple juice with it and unflavored powder. I need to order more but it is a bit pricey.

  4. Has anyone seen a noticeable difference in recovery or growth with spp?

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