Super Amino Liquid 2300mg 32oz

  1. Super Amino Liquid 2300mg 32oz

    Hello there,

    I bought the Super Amino Liquid 23000mg around a week and a half ago. I take it one time after training every time I train. I don't train every day and I only take it in the days I don't.

    Anyway, I have noticed some improvement but not that much. My performance in the gym definitely improved, but not by much either, although is still did.

    I was just wondering about something. The directions say: As a Dietary Supplement, consume 4 tablespoons before each meal and again before and after training, or use as directed by a physician or licensed nutritonist. However, I believe that it is a bit too much. I eat three meals a day, which means I will take 4 table spoons for around 4 - 5 times every day, which definitely seems too much.

    How many times do you guys recommend I take it? I have been thinking of taking it once before and once after training the days I go and exercise. Or would that be insufficient? And should I or should I not mix it with stuff like water and milk? And do I take it immediately before and immediately after training or should there be a timing gap?

    I don't mix it with anything. I just pour it and fill its cup (cap) and then drink it. I don't know how many tablespoons that is.

    As you can see in the picture (if you Google the 32oz one because I can't post links yet), the cup/top of the supplement is not small, so I believe it is sufficient.

    Thank you very much.

  2. I apologize for the spelling mistake. It's 32000 not 3200.

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