Alpha-T2 Dosing

  1. Alpha-T2 Dosing

    I would like opinions on my dosing of Alpha-T2.

    I fast from 8pm to 12pm. When I wake up in the morning I take 3 capsules, so insulin won't interfere with the effects.

    My question is, am I taking too much at once? Should I spread the doses throughout my fast...or does it even matter?

    Any advice would be appreciated it.

  2. I would do 2 when you wake up and 1 4-8 hours later. Are you ever an empty stomach other than when you wake up? Some people dont have trouble sleeping with a late evening dose of 1 cap since theres no caffeine, but some do since they still are stimulants
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  3. Thanks!

    Anyway no im not on an empty stomach any other time. Well I am from morning till noon. Noon is when i eat. So I guess i will take 2 at 7 and 1 more at 11 and then eat at 12.

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