Lean gains: Natadrol, anabeta, at2 and Triazole.

  1. Lean gains: Natadrol, anabeta, at2 and Triazole.

    Hey guys, Ive been thinking about planning out a new stack for my summer recomp. I was wanting to get some thoughts. I'll be recomping for 3 months starting the supps 1 month in.

    Ive been thinking of running:
    natadrol 6-8 day 8 weeks
    anabeta week 2-6
    at2 week 4-8
    triazole week 7-end.

    I'm not sure if i need the anabeta. Id love to run it the whole time alongside natadrol but dont know if its worth all the money. alternativly i could add lean xtreme in there instead.has anyone got any thoughts?

  2. any thoughts?

  3. I believe T50 and DaveGabe both ran AnaBeta, Erase, and AT2 together for a recomp.

    DaveGabe puts AT2/Erase to the test!
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