IGF-1 for hamstring tear recovery?

  1. IGF-1 for hamstring tear recovery?

    Hey guys, my brother is a pretty highly recruited senior fb, and recently tore his hamstring pretty good a few days ago. Hes really busted his ass in the weight room and on the field in practice everyday, and id hate to see him sidelined his senior year then miss out on scholarship opportunities. Now ive heard that igf-1 can really speed up the healing process of torn muscles, ligaments, ect. Is anyone here experienced on the matter, as in if it would be worth the investment and dosing and procedure and what not? Thanks guys, really appreciate it!

  2. Heres some links that may help you out. I would also research cjc and ghrp for tendon and muscle repair as well.

    IGF-1 for Injuries and Surgery
    Interesting article on using decorin and igf to heal sports injuries
    my igf-1 experience for healing
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