Hydrochlorothiazide for Post-Cheat Weekend Water Loss

  1. Hydrochlorothiazide for Post-Cheat Weekend Water Loss

    So I'm getting back from vacation. I did loosen the diet up, I was on vacation, I didn't go crazy, but I did bloat up quite a bit from eating carbs where I would have, like, 20g/ day before for months and months... so I've got some 25mg tablets of hydrochlorothiazide. I was wondering if, to drop this extra water, I should take this in the morning for three days, or just drink 3 gallons of water/ day for the next three days... if I take the hydrochlorothiazide, how much water should I drink so as I don't completely dry myself out and dehydrate to dangerous levels? I know the answer is "If you have to ask these questions, you have no place taking a prescription diuretic" but eh, I thought I'd just throw it out there.

  2. In three days, if you get back to your normal diet the bloat from your carb up vaca should be gone with or with out the diuretic.
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  3. Go for it.. its a very mild diuretic and 25mg a few times is not going to offset electrolyte levels to crazy limits. I personally take 12.5mg ED regardless for blood pressure issues, but ill pop 40mg of lasix after a crazy day of binge eating.

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  4. Thank you both!

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