Pre workout stims

  1. Pre workout stims

    Right, here it is, my pre workout plan:

    500mg guarana
    25mg Vasopro ephedrine HCL
    1g alcar
    2g tyrosine
    5g taurine
    5g creatine
    300mg ALA

    This concoction will be taken 30 minutes pre workout, then from 15minutes out, I will begin to sip my workout shake of 15g whey, 20g dex, 5g taurine.

    Will any of these things interfere witth eachother? And would you increase/decrese the dosages of each? I weigh ~170 if that helps.

  2. what is the guarana standarized to? (usually caffiene is half the mg to the total mg of guarana). I take 200mg caffiene when using ephedra (at the same 25mg) and im geared to go. The rest of the mix is fine. Out of curiousity, are they all mixed already or do you have all supps seperately?

  3. Im going to buy the raw ingredients, put them in a tub in the right proportions, and shake the hell out of it.

    ATM, I am using 4 of these tabs for caffeine

    226mg guarana(standardised to 72% caf)
    204mg yerba mate(standardised to 20% caf)

    I figure thats ~800mg caffeine. I know that seems high, but I have tried it with less, and just dont get the effect.

    Once these tabs run out, I'm going to get bulk powder, and take 500mg of pure guarana powder.

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