AnaBeta and Carbs

  1. AnaBeta and Carbs

    Many of you will have been following AnaBeta since there were so many beta logs and well over a dozen people have ran logs since. So far on all of the combined logs, around 40 at a guess(?) there have been less than five reviews from people who weren't very impressed.

    I like trying to work out how to use it best including dosing schemes, nutrition intake, training style etc to make the most of it. One thing I have noticed come up a couple of times are people saying that their results increased dramatically when they increased their carb intake. I am a low carb dieter for the most part but was forced to increase my carbs because of the severe cravings I got. Recently due to a photoshoot I lowered my carb intake and the pumps in the gym from AnaBeta lowered also. When my next bottle arrives I am going to run the carbs high like I did in the first run.

    This is truly a new and innovative ingredient so I am looking for some others to chime in with their experience of this, to try and gain a little more knowledge on what works best for them.

    So, AnaBeta and carbs. What have you found out?
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  2. Anabeta 2 pre...2 post workout, on a low carb diet for me. I gained 3lbs of lean mass in just over 3 weeks, leaning out a bit in the process. 2 pre and 2 post is where it's at.

  3. i agree. 2 pre and 2 post is best. no weight gain at first (i was doing the suggested dosage). this past week i have put on one pound when i switched to this dosage and increased carb intake. as far as training, IMO, 4 days a week would be best.
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  4. I was carb heavy like no other when I ran AnaBeta and I ended up gaining a solid 5lbs after it was all said and done with my 6 week run. I didn't drop any of the weight afterwards either.

  5. Wasn't one of the other PES reps touting how Anabeta induced pumps without carbs? As evidence that it is a "true anabolic" as opposed to just a nutrient repartitioner?

  6. It does not need carbs at all
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Flabby View Post
    Wasn't one of the other PES reps touting how Anabeta induced pumps without carbs? As evidence that it is a "true anabolic" as opposed to just a nutrient repartitioner?
    That is true.

    It does not "require" anything other than more nutrients in general, carbs or not. Thats not to say if you keep calories linear you wont experience the effects, they'll just be more of a "recomp" instead of full anabolism.

    The whole "nutrient repartitioner" thing stems from the increased hunger. Everyone knows when you get overly hungry you begin to get cravings, and who craves low carb foods on average? When people noticed they were getting leaner and stronger even from eating more food, carbs included, they thought it was due to some weird insulin sensitizing effect. Remember the MOA of Anabeta was not released until some time after beta testing, and individuals were free to speculate the cause of effect.

    The fact remains you can eat more fats, more protein, whatever your fancy is, and still get results. Carbs or not.
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