Finaflex PCT Revolution Black Series....Good PCT?

  1. Finaflex PCT Revolution Black Series....Good PCT?

    Hey everyone im new to the forums and sorta new to taking supplements for working out. I was just wondering and have searched the forums alittle bit but didnt see anything that answered this question. Would PCT Revolution Black and Finaflez Pure Test be good enough to run after say a cycle of Superdrol or Epistane? Ive heard diff answers from diff people, and I know everyones body is gonna react different to different things. But wanted to see what some people with more experience thought about it. Thanks for everyones time and help.

  2. I ran PCT Black and Pure Test after my cycle of Androhard/Androlean with out any issues. I would even go as far as saying the combination of the two Finaflex products served as a second cycle. I kept my gains and continued to build strength.

  3. Yea I actually ran a cycle of Superdrol, and almost finished with the pct revolution and pure test and only lost 5lbs after my 20lb gain while on superdrol. But my strength hasnt gone down or anything. Just have been reading on people saying you need all this other stuff after alot of PH's and sorta had me alittle worried but havent noticed anything bad going on in my body or anything.

  4. hey bud, welcome to AM!

    I would not trust those products for a SD PCT, but we have a whole section of the forum dedicated to discussions on'll find tons of info there.

  5. Thanks man still trying to navigate the forums alittle bit, still new...but yea im starting to think I should have done something more powerful. I guess i jumped into alittle fast, but i feel great and gained 20lbs, been off of it for about a month in a half. Ill look into some Nolva or something for the next cycle. Thanks for the help though.



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