Vitamin D3 for insomnia?

  1. Vitamin D3 for insomnia?

    Hey all,

    I'm still stuck in insomnia hell. Basically without a xanax or ambien, my mind will not blackout into sleep.

    I've tried tryptophan, valerian, and up to 6mg of melatonin. I've had very inconsistent success with those and actually tried just 6mg of melatonin two nights ago and got zero minutes of sleep.

    Yesterday's research has lead me to look into a vit. D deficiency as the cause of my insomnia. This could explain why I slept perfectly on a vacation in hawaii where I was getting literally 10 hours of sun a day.

    I just ordered some Pure Encapsulations Liquid Vit. D3 as I've read this is the best. I'm not sure what dose to start with and realize it could take a few weeks to get the effects.

    Has anyone experimented with this?

  2. Not necessarily for a sleep aid, but if you had good sleep from 10+hrs a day of sun, then starting at 10000IU/day wouldn't be out of the norm. The funny thing is that when people start taking high doses of vit d, their blood levels don't really go up that much at all. Once they stop the d3 their levels return back to normal, at least in the clinical side of things that I have seen. I'd say start at 10-15k/day and see how that makes you feel.
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  3. Very interesting. Ill be interested to hear how this works for you.

  4. Couple of questions for you:

    - Do you stay on the computer late at night?
    - Do you watch TV late at night, or in bed?
    - Are you overly stressed with work or family lately?
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  5. have been taking 5000 IU vitamin D before sleep for a few months.
    It makes it easier for me to fall asleep.

  6. Need2sleep and some gaba will help. or it does for me and Im on big time prescription sleep meds from a sleep specialist.

  7. Benadryl/Dyphenhydramine (Spelling) helps me fall asleep and stay asleep most nights at a dose of 25mg-50mg 30 mins before bed

  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to chime back in on this.

    I still have not found a solution to my insomnia. However, I did notice that I've been inconsistent with the Vit D. Like I took it religiously for 2 weeks but did not get more sleep and now it's just sort of a few times a week that I take the Vit D because I don't think it helps sleep enough.

    I hit a wall with the insomnia, like couldn't function at work and my emotions were real messed up, so I broke down and made an appointment with a psych doctor to hopefully get some ambien and anti-anxiety meds.

    I'm also going to get my blood levels checked to see if my cortisol is way high or something. I've got some kind of mental and physical issue causing me to get no sleep.

    I was hoping to find a ****tail of over the counter stuff, but none of it does anything to my brain. Right now I'm living on some ambien and xanax that a friend gave me. I try to avoid taking them and on the weekend I took vit D, calcium, magnesium, 3mg melatonin, and 1500mg Tryptophan, and I laid in bed for hours with basically every part of my body asleep except for my brain. It was REALLY weird.

    I keep meaning to do daily meditation but the days seem to get away from me. Ugh.

  9. that sucks to hear man. Definitely look into the meditation, it should help somewhat. Also, if you haven't already, get yourself into a good routine of physical exercise per day. that combined with mind relaxation techniques of meditation should help some.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe View Post
    Couple of questions for you:

    - Do you stay on the computer late at night?
    - Do you watch TV late at night, or in bed?
    - Are you overly stressed with work or family lately?

    yes yes yes

    phenibut is my answer couple nights of the week while theanine is the answer the rest of the week(400-500mg)
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  11. I found a great sleep aid called Cyproheptadine; if you've had Xanax your doctor may be able to prescribe it. It's an appetite increaser as well.


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