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Creatine Nitrate APS vs C-BOL

  1. Creatine Nitrate APS vs C-BOL

    which do you prefer? i havent used C BOL before, so i cant comment, i can only explain my personal results from CN APS
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  2. C-BOL all-day. That **** got me jacked lol, amazing gains.
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  3. Never used c-bol but Creatine nitrate gives intense pumps especially stacked with meso

  4. Quote Originally Posted by halfhuman View Post
    Never used c-bol but Creatine nitrate gives intense pumps especially stacked with meso
    Never stacked it with anything, it was just the C-Bol, like i said, the pumps were amazing, they literally lasted for 7-8 hours, which some people find annoying, but i loved it, it made my arms look swole for the majority of the time. Plus, strength was great.
    Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.
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  5. I like the added antioxidents in C-Bol. Using nitrates too often gives cause for some concern.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TheMeatus101 View Post
    Never stacked it with anything, it was just the C-Bol, like i said, the pumps were amazing, they literally lasted for 7-8 hours, which some people find annoying, but i loved it, it made my arms look swole for the majority of the time. Plus, strength was great.
    Curious how many pills were you taking?

  7. C-bol is the superior formula for sure.

  8. Creatine nitrate by APS was great but pumps only last 2-3 hours. And I never used it solo but definitely interested in someone who has used both.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bashman View Post
    Curious how many pills were you taking?
    6 pills twice a day.

    6 30 mins before workout. 6 an hour after.
    Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.
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    C-Bol: The World's First Vasodimyotropic Mass-Performance Creatine Formula!

    This is muscle and flow: Every fiber sailing on a phosphocreatine resynthesizing wind and surfing on a vasodilatory swell as it contracts against resistance. Half a dozen permeation enhanced ingredients falling in to the attack, cutting through myocellular waters deeper and faster than anything before. Tearing fatigue limb from limb before metabolizing the wretched pieces and sprinting back to recollect your muscular force and fame. All repetitions ending tight, the heaviest of weights feeling light, every pump backed with muscle building might.

    From ThermoLife, the industry source of the highest-end body-building nutracologicals, comes C-BOL™. A boldy experimental formula intended to support maximum contractile performance, pump on demand vasodilation and dual protein / glycogen anabolism, all acting in synergy to give you greater mass and performance no matter what the training challenge. Driven by half a dozen strategically placed, pharmacologically active nutrients (nutracologicals) including Creatine Nitrate (United States patent protected vasodimyotropic agent), Orotic Acid (glycomyotropic) and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (membranepermeable nitric oxide extender).

    The "Hollow Pump" Syndrome
    Every day thousands of body-building athletes around the world take pre-training formulas and other creatine-containing supplements in an effort to achieve better pumps during their lifting workouts. Since the achievement of a pump is thought to coincide with the biochemical conditions required to stimulate muscle hypertrophy, these products are expected to enhance the gains in muscle mass and performance normally expected from working out. At first glance, the aforementioned creatine-containing supplements appear to succeed: Following consumption they often do cause your muscles to "swell" to a greater extent as you proceed from one set to the next. Some products manage to produce this effect within as little as 30-60 minutes of the first serving. But all too often a closer examination reveals that something is amiss: Users frequently report experiencing little or no greater increase in muscle size or strength after days, weeks or even months of consuming them. It's as if any additional "pump" produced by these products is not a true pump at all, but rather a hollow imitation devoid of any real muscle-hypertrophying substance; in other words, the biochemical conditions referred to above.

    The Cause
    It's called the "Hollow Pump" syndrome, and many theories have been proposed to explain it. Perhaps the most popular among them is the idea that certain ingredients common to pre-training and other creatine-containing formulas, possibly including certain forms of creatine, cause water to be retained not only inside muscle cells (i.e. in the intracellular space, where it can promote anabolism), but also within the space between cells (i.e. the extracellular space). This presents a problem, since an excess of water and sodium retention in the extracellular space is associated with an anti-myotropic state, muscle atrophy and a loss of muscle definition and hardness -all of which is the very opposite of what the body-building athlete needs and wants.

    The Solution
    Upon studying the Hollow Pump Syndrome for several years, ThermoLife‚€™s scientists arrived at a boldly innovative solution in the form of C-BOL™. Leading the charge inside this radical supplement formula is Creatate™, a blend of pharmacologically-active creatine derivatives including United States-patentprotected Creatine Nitrate. Classified as a "vasodimyotropic" (vasodilation + myotropic) agent, Creatine Nitrate consists of Creatine that has been organically bonded to nitrate. Nitrate is a proven nitric oxide (NO) releaser and permeation enhancer with a history of over 130 years of medical use for cardiovascular and other ailments.
    In addition to enhancing the absorption of C-BOL's entire cast of ingredients, the nitrate moiety of Creatine Nitrate increases the water-solubility of creatine. More widely known is the fact that nitrate indirectly releases NO into your tissues, thereby expanding the whole-body NO reservoir, or pool. This leads to more of the body-building benefits attributed to NO, including but not limited to:

    •Vasodilation: In the presence of NO, blood vessels relax (vasodilation). This allows them to open up wider and blood to flow more easily.
    •Nutrient uptake by muscle cells: Supports greater muscle volumization and hypertrophy.
    •Muscle protein synthesis and satellite cell activation: Both are essential for building bigger muscles.
    •Retention of excess water and sodium: When too much water and sodium accumulate in the extracellular space, muscle building signals are weakened (anti-myotropic) leading to muscle atrophy and producing a smooth, "bloated" look (loss of muscle definition). Supplements that reduce the retention of excess sodium and water tend to promote muscle anabolism and hardness, sometimes dramatically so.
    Creatine Nitrate: "Muscle & Flow"
    The benefits of C-BOL™ may be loosely classified under the headings "Muscle" and "Flow". "Muscle" refers to the muscle size, speed, strength, power, endurance and other performance-enhancing effects. "Flow" refers to the vascular effects of C-BOL™: vasodilation, blood flow (contributes to the pump) and muscle nutrient delivery and uptake. Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) is the family of enzymes responsible for converting last-generation NO precursors like arginine and citrulline into NO. Creatine Nitrate, in contrast, is not dependent on NOS. This offers a number of important advantages when it comes to increasing your whole-body NO pool. Besides being a potent vasodilator and regulator of muscle blood flow, NO affects nitrogen retention and protein synthesis and the excretion of excess water and sodium (see bullet points above). Amino acids and other nutrients are carried to your muscles by the bloodstream. If blood vessels are dilated, such as by a Creatine-Nitrate-induced increase in the NO pool, blood will flow more easily. This means that nutrients can be transported to your muscles faster. All of this bodes well for body-building athletes in search of greater muscle mass and hardness.

    True Pumping Effects from C-BOL™
    C-BOL™ protects you from experiencing hollow pumps in several ways. Many pre-training formulas and other creatine-containing supplements cause generalized water retention, including in the extracellular space. This is a suspected cause of hollow pumps. Creatine Nitrate's vasodilating properties, in contrast, enable C-BOL™ to support a true pumping effect by opening up blood vessels and encouraging faster delivery of blood to exercising muscle tissue. This is essentially how a pump takes place. Indeed, the faster blood accumulates in your muscles, the bigger the pump and the bigger the gains.

    Further amplifying the true pumping effect of Creatine Nitrate is a supporting cast of highly pure and concentrated pharmacologically-active nutrients (so-called nutracologicals) intended to protect NO and extend its body-building benefits over time. We take a closer look at the nutracologicals in the C-BOL™ formula below:

    Creatate™: Many companies sell supplements containing a unique blend of two or more types of creatine. However, as I stated before in my review of ThermoLife's new protein, VASOLATE™, uniqueness without muscle building purpose is just window dressing. Like VASOLATE™, C-BOL™ had to pass through ThermoLife's rigid Scientific Product Formulation process (SPF; pronounced "Spif") before getting placed on the shelf. During this process ThermoLife scientists determined that by strategically placing Creatine Nitrate alongside Anhydrous Creatine and Creatine Hydrochloride (HCl), they could give users an unforgettably surreal pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic experience characterized by drastic increases in phosphocreatine and ATP resynthesis, postponing of muscle contractile fatigue, increases in lifting strength and endurance, and greater lean (fat free) body mass.

    Orotic Acid: One of the most overlooked and underutilized body building nutracologicals, Orotic Acid promotes growth from at least three biochemical angles, including the stimulation of glycogen synthesis (glycomyotropic effects), and the synthesis of RNA and DNA.

    Gluconated Magnesium: Recent studies have found this form of magnesium to have greater bioavailability than many other forms. It is included in the C-BOL™ formula to enhance muscle contractile performance, stimulate protein synthesis, support vasodilation and reduce muscle cramping during and after training.

    N-Acetyl-Cysteine: With N-Acetyl-Cysteine- (NAC), NAC offers superior cell membrane permeability. It is included in C-BOL™ to increase antioxidant status and reduce NO tolerance, a common challenge posed by older nitrate preparations used in medicine. NAC also helps fight muscle fatigue and has anti-catabolic potential.

    Vitamin C: Vitamin C is included in C-BOL™ to protect the NO molecule from destruction, thereby further extending the lifetime of its pharmacological effects.

    Other Actives: Thiamine, Niacinamide, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12. These nutracologicals support NO production via assorted enzymatic and non-enzymatic pathways.

    Extended "Flow" (NO Activity)
    One of the problems with NO is that it has a very short lifespan in the body. In a matter of few seconds it can be gone without a trace. A pump, on the other hand, must be sustained for many minutes if not hours in order to bring about those biochemical conditions required to stimulate muscle hypertrophy. C-BOL™ resolves this dilemma once and for all by extending the duration of NO action ("flow") in your body.

    Here's how it works. Like Leucine Nitrate in VASOLATE™, upon entering the body, the nitrate moiety of Creatine Nitrate can circulate for several hours. As it does so, it can be reduced to nitrite and ultimately generate NO. It is in this way that C-BOL™ expands and sustains the whole-body NO pool, thereby contributing to the induction of greater muscle mass and performance. Furthermore, whereas nitrate use in the medical field has been associated with the development of nitrate tolerance, C-BOL has been formulated to avoid this problem with the addition of NAC-Amide, Vitamin C and other strategically-placed nutracologicals that protect NO from destruction and otherwise extend its residence time in the body.

    The New Scale and Scope of Mass
    The Hollow Pump Syndrome is all too common. After years of scientific trial and error, it is now avoidable. The solution is ThermoLife‚€™s new C-BOL™, the world's first vasodimyotropic mass-performance creatine formula. ThermoLife is the source of the highest-end body-building nutracological ingredients and formulas in the industry. Experience C-BOL™ for yourself. This is muscle mass and performance induction the scale and scope of which have never been available to body-builders before. ThermoLife International, Dedicated to Sports Nutrition ThermoLife International is a company dedicated to bringing you real products that work.
    Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.
    -Jim Morrison


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