Biotest Spike Shooter (8.4oz)

  1. Biotest Spike Shooter (8.4oz)

    Hey guys, the more I search on here the more sad it makes me how long i've been away and how old im getting. Does anyone know where to get the Biotest Spike Shooters for cheap? Ive looked around and $50 seems to be about par for 24 (with shipping) and only in the orange flavor or original gold?

    I want the old lime flavor and the cans that have like 350mh caffiene and just yohimbe and tyrosine, saw there are others with more things? I loved these about 4 years ago before morning cardio, had me wired for hours and got my ass to do morning cardio I was like Richard Simmons up in that mug at 7am.

  2. I thought the gold was the orange flavor? Any how, I think that's about as cheap as you'd find them considering they sell at 7-11 for around $3. so 24 for $50 shipped is a little over $2/piece. These were (and still are) my favorite canned energy drink. I wasn't too fond of the lime one myself.

  3. Yea everyone hated the lime, except me! That's how I could get so many of them for cheap. We'll looks like i'll have to keep fishing and maybe have to settle for the fruit punch (which I think they changed that flavor a bt in like 08', went from a fruit/cherry flavor to a more strawberrish flavor. I hate strawberry)

  4. Bestbstuff ever

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